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Gallery of Winter

It hasn’t been the best winter for outdoor hiking this year.  So icy  so snowy, and I’m a wuss when it comes to being cold.  But I’ll venture out enough to take snapshots around my home, especially when the snow is newly fallen, and leaves the world so bright and noiseless.

2013-02-14 07.55.47

Most of the time, it’s early morning, before the snow has been disturbed by city life.  I tromp around in my pajamas, boots and hat trying to capture the gorgeous vistas of Western Pennsylvania.  Sometimes I succeed, but sometimes the pictures don’t do justice to the silent winter scenery.

2013-02-14 07.54.59

I’m a Texas girl–I love my sunshine, heat and humidity, but snow never fails to impress me.  I’ve been here 8 years now, and seeing the world covered in white has not gotten old or any less wondrous.  Maybe it will, but I hope not.

2013-02-14 07.55.16


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