Hiking Defined

You’ll find throughout my blog, I use the term “hiking” liberally.  I’d like to clarify my meaning as to not offend the professional hikers and outdoors men and women.   To me, hiking is me alone or with some friends, in the woods or trekking in other rugged terrain,  along blazed paths for extended periods of time.  I do not own good hiking boots, trekking poles or any other hiking gear that professionals use in their travels.  Instead I dress for the weather, usually wear sturdy sneakers or other boots, and bring along a generic cross body bag for snacks and water.  If it’s an extended hike, I do use my Camelbak and try to be as prepared as possible, but my hikes, or walks, are completed in one day, without the need for overnight gear, a compass or other wilderness tools.

I’m a simple gal.  I like to be outdoors.  I like to hike in local wooded parks, state parks, along hiking paths or sometimes urban streets.  I don’t need to challenge my survival skills, or prove I can trek major natural landscapes and terrains.  This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to try to an extended overnight trip, or an extreme and difficult trail.  I just prefer to walk at my leisure and be able to put all my attention to enjoying the scenery and wildlife, without making the hike something to accomplish, or a objective that commands my attention.  For me, that detracts from pleasure of choosing to hike and spend time outdoors. My focus is simply on being in the moment.  Escaping modern life.  Discovering the country.

I hope that if you have stumbled upon this blog, you are inspired to find a local path and hike.



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