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Blazed? Yeah, right.

Yesterday, I decided to forgo the 45 car ride to a local state park, and instead hike around two community parks. It was another fabulous day outside–no rain, no cloudiness, but sunshine filtered through the turning trees overhead.


The first park was a nice winding path through the woods. I had no map, but just decided to embark and have confidence that I would find my way out.  I did, probably sooner then I would have, if I had a map, but I still enjoyed the time I spent among the trees. I would have believed that I was actually in the country, except for the planes roaring by overhead.

The second park, a few miles away offered a map before you went into the woods.  In a moment of clarity I took a pic in case I needed something to refer to.  Best. Idea. Ever.  The paths through these woods were not marked with blazes, and with so many side trails, I found myself stopping often to look around and figure out which path was the right one.

For about an hour, this was fine, until I came upon a marker I recognized as passing already.  I had gone in a huge circle!  How in the hell had that happened?  I decided to try again, this time taking different paths–30 minutes later I still had no idea which way to go.  Luckily I found the marker again, and decided just to backtrack on my original path to get back home.  Until I wasn’t paying attention, an BAM! all of a sudden found myself in the parking lot.  I literally took the wrong direction twice which caused me to wonder around for over an hour, when I could have simply chosen left the first time and exited the woods in 5 minutes.  Oh well. It gave me more time to hike, to enjoy the weather and to hear the rustle of leaves in the middle of the city.


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