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Turns out it was a Run

Today I felt compelled to go outside.  I needed fresh air, I needed to hike.  It was an insistent urge.  I have been feeling out of sorts, sad, restless, unsatisfied.  It could be any number of things, but I knew staying inside was a bad idea.  And so I turned to the woods.

I didn’t want to drive 45-60 minutes to a state park, I just wanted to step outside my door.  So I decided to walk along the rails to trails near my home.  And I couldn’t wait either.  I went early in the morning, when it was still quite cold.  I could have waited maybe an hour or two to get some sunlight and warmth, but I couldn’t.  Not one more second could be wasted inside. I needed to move.

Up until now, I’ve left the music at home, but this time around I brought my iPod to drown out some of the construction and car noises that I usually hear along parts of the trail.  And I quickly figured out that there is a reason why an iPod is not the best companion when hiking through nature.  For the first few miles, I was fine.  I listened to a stream of  sad melancholy songs that seemed to echo my mood.  But as the shuffle continued, songs started to play that I wanted to move to. It became increasingly difficult to stroll.  So I ran.  Which was surprising to me, because I hate running.  But today, I guess I needed it.  I ran.


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